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list Borbalo is Vidar's priest.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Borbalo is an older man and like many others has spent his entire life in Vidar. He came to the priesthood late, being a bartender into his 40s. When Vidar found itself trapped between warring nations, Borbalo joined the fight. While he was manning the north walls, fire was flung down over the south, burning his house down. In the conflagration, his wife and daughter were killed.

While he had always considered himself a believer in the Gods, religion was not a significant part of Borbalo’s life until after the war. Through a great deal of mentorship and soul searching, he found comfort from spirituality and arrived at the priesthood. As a result of this, Borbalo came to believe, contrary to Bernadett, that religion’s primary offerings are love and compassion (with morality and structure as more distant and secondary concerns). Borbalo has approached the Church as a different kind of bar - a place which has the power to bind the community. While he himself has absolute faith in the Gods and their teachings, he recognizes that other people may not share that faith.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sandor[edit | edit source]

Since becoming a priest, Borbalo has become fast friends with the younger Sandor, bonding over their shared faith. Interestingly, Borbalo and Sandor would likely not have crossed paths if Borbalo was still tending bar - and Borbalo knows this, and attributes his path in life to a divine hand.

Borbalo married Sandor to his wife Eva. He was present at the birth of both Villem and Erik, and played a large part in Sandor’s recovery when Eva died during childbirth. Recently, the friendship has become one-sided; Borbalo finds himself unable to go to Sandor with his own problems, and Sandor relies more and more on Borbalo for his guidance. While Borbalo occasionally serves as spiritual counselor for many in Vidar, he often directs them to Bernadett for advice on how to act in accordance with the word of the Gods. He is uncomfortable with fulfilling this role on a daily basis for Sandor.

Bernadett[edit | edit source]

Although Borbalo is only a little older than Bernadett, the two never met until Borbalo joined the Church. Bernadett was already a nun at the time, having entered the clergy early. The two do not see eye to eye on the role of the Church, but their dedication and faith takes priority. While some occasional jabs or eye rolling still happen, the two value and respect each other’s perspective.

Others[edit | edit source]

Borbalo knows how much Katarina means to Sandor, and so is always polite to her, like an infrequent uncle. He wishes that the Rebeka and Janika felt more welcome in their town. He was also close with Cecilia’s now-deceased parents, from both before and after he joined the Church.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Borbalo can give the player the following quest:

Additionally, Borbalo participates in the following quests:

Tools/Rewards[edit | edit source]

Borbalo can reward the player with the waypoint into the Ice Cave.