Bury the Hatchet

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Bury the Hatchet
Preceded By:
The Sword*

"Bury the Hatchet" is a quest given to the player by Arpad. The quest is completed predominantly in the Ice Cave.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

The following conditions must be met for Arpad to give the player this quest:

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]

In order to honor Barnabas's memory, Arpad will give you Barnabas's axe. He will ask you to take it and prop it against Adjoran's grave. If the player doesn't have the quest "Spirit Walk," they can identify the grave by checking the marker in front of the grave. Adjoran's grave reads that it is the forgotten grave of "an adventurer." The grave can be found somewhere in the first four rooms of the Ice Cave, and the player need only interact with the grave while the axe is in inventory.

Because Arpad's path changes depending on whether Adjoran's spirit has been returned to the grave, it may be desirable to wait to place axe until that step of "Spirit Walk" has been completed.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

As part of the quest "Spirit Walk" the player is asked to find Adjoran's ghost and bring it back to his grave. The outcome of this quest, "Bury the Hatchet," is dependent on whether Adjoran's spirit has been returned before the player places the axe at the grave. Note that "Spirit Walk" does not need to be completed, nor do any of the other ghosts need to be returned. For the purposes of this quest, the only spirit that matters is Adjoran's.

  • If Adjoran's spirit has not been returned before the player places the axe at the grave, Arpad rewards the player with a Sword.
  • If Adjoran's spirit has been returned, Arpad does not give the player any reward.