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Cecilia is the attractive and spoiled daughter of two wealthy merchants.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Cecilia is the now-orphaned daughter of wealthy, retired merchants. They made a fortune in trade, and found Vidar to be a charming village located on one of their main trade arteries. Believing they could settle and raise a family while monitoring the business, they moved to Vidar when Cecilia was less than a year old. Cecilia was raised in a large household, and her parents spared no expense on their child. When business took them away, Piri the seamstress looked after Cecilia. In that way, Piri became Cecilia’s grandmother figure. She ingrained a good deal of humility in Cecilia. Where a girl that pretty may have grown up as a “mean girl,” Cecilia is and has always been kind. However, Cecilia is sufficiently spoiled that she would have great difficulty adjusting to, say, poverty.

Cecilia is now approximately 20 years old. She is of the same generation as Katarina, Robert, Janika, Rebeka, and Dani, and, with the exception of Dani (who is a recent addition to Vidar) considers them childhood pals. At some point in her teens, she began dating Robert, a hopeless romantic. Cecilia is somewhere between “fine” and “ambivalent” about this relationship. If asked, she would report that she likes Robert very much. But her heart isn’t in it.

Shortly before the game begins, Cecilia’s parents are both taken by the Beast. Cecilia places an extremely high premium on family. The loss of both parents in quick succession has sent her into a depressive spiral. Knowing no other life, Cecilia continues to keep up the large house she shared with her parents, and living as she used to. She is failing to conserve supplies despite the storm, or share with others, or visit others, or invite others to stay in their house - not because she’s mean, but because the thought does not occur to her.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Robert[edit | edit source]

At the start of the game, Cecilia and Robert are in a romantic relationship. While most in the town see the two as star-crossed Romeo and Juliet, in fact Cecilia is far less invested in the relationship than Robert is. Inertia has set in, and Cecilia is romantically involved with Roberty mostly because it would take effort for her to end it.

Piri[edit | edit source]

Piri is Cecilia's adoptive grandmother. While Cecilia does not take after Piri in terms of personality (Piri is far more abrasive than Cecilia), Piri's religious influences have rubbed off on Cecilia. That is, while Cecilia professes to worship the Gods, Piri's own relationship with the Water Spirit has always been of interest to Cecilia. This interest has been growing since Cecilia lost her parents, as Cecilia slowly begins to believe that the Gods have abandoned her.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Cecilia can give the player the following quests:

Additionally Cecilia participates in the following quests:

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]

Cecilia can give the player the following rewards: