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Csaba is a poor mother, dedicated to her husband Groa and son Tomi.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Csaba is an early 30's mother who feels that the world has stolen a life to which she was entitled.

Csaba grew up with Groa, along with Tamas, Sandor, Dorottya, and Etel, and while close to them all, had certainly paired off with Groa early in their lives. Growing up in Vidar, the two were always recognized as a couple. Groa lived with Csaba and her parents during their teenage years; Csaba's parents are now dead, and Groa, Csaba, and Tomi have moved back into that house.

Tension between Csaba and Groa over money and hunger is continuing to grow. At her best, Csaba is incredibly grateful to Groa and loves him completely. At her worst, Csaba believes that Groa owes her a better life. The two fought the night before Groa entered the cave to search for food. Now that he's gone, Csaba is particularly concerned she won't get the chance to apologize to him.

The light of Csaba's life is her son, Tomi. Csaba is willing to do anything for her son, and does not understand why others are not. Csaba would go hungry for days to see Tomi happy. Notably, Csaba is willing to beg to support their family, and does so if she thinks she can without Groa noticing. She has started to ask around town for supplies.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Csaba gives the player the following quests:

Csaba can additionally participate in the following quests:

  • Hunting Party

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]

Csaba can only give the player a Loaf of Bread. However, throughout the game the player can give Csaba any quest item from their inventory (excepting the Lantern or Hookshot). As the player gives Csaba more charity, at the cost of forgoing other quests, Csaba can participate in and give the player additional quests.