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Dorottya is the town blacksmith. She can often be found patrolling Vidar and making repairs, or at the workshop.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Roughly 30 years of age, Dorottya has spent her entire life in Vidar. Her father was a blacksmith, and her mother died when Dorottya was quite young. During the war, her father made the weapons the town needed to defend itself from two opposing armies. It’s no surprise that Dorottya took after her father, and became interested in tinkering in all manner of things. She has a strong talent for construction and manipulating metals. Even before the Beast appeared, Dorottya appointed herself responsible for Vidar’s upkeep - making street lights, repairing roads, fixing up the city where the actual people paid to do so failed. Once her neighbors started disappearing, she picked up where her father left off, making weapons to arm Vidar against the Beast. Dorottya is bitter that no one in town has picked up a weapon in the fight against the beast.

She loathes idleness, and believes that too much sitting around thinking can be counterproductive. It is better to act than to discuss or plan, which can sometimes come back to bite Dorottya.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Katarina[edit | edit source]

Dorottya has always seen in Katarina a strong inventive drive. Where Dorottya is handy, Katarina is a designer. As soon as Katarina was old enough to swing a hammer, Dorottya asked her to apprentice at the workshop. Dorottya did this aware of her own weaknesses - she hoped that Katarina’s genius could temper her own impatience with scholarly deliberations. Katarina lost both of her parents recently to the Beast, and Dorottya has now adopted Katarina as something of a little sister. While there may be hints of a romantic bond at times, nothing is explicit and, at this point, Dorottya believes it may feel too incestual.

The only thing that can truly shake Dorottya's no-nonsense resolve is Katarina's death. As their relationship has progressed, Dorottya has come to rely on Katarina more and more, and losing her would set Dorottya's work and emotional state back significantly.

Other Townsfolk[edit | edit source]

As for the other townsfolk, Dorottya struggles to understand the response many of Vidar’s citizens have to the current crisis. She views Mihaly’s fatalistic bent as unwarranted and unhelpful, but she begrudges Arpad and Etel most of all. As one of the few trained soldiers ever to appear in Vidar, Dorottya expects Arpad to get out and help rather than fret over the past. And because Etel is the last remaining member of the Town Watch, she expects him to rally the town people into a militia and attack the root of Vidar’s problems, rather than scratch at the surface.

Dorottya use to look up to Barnabas as one of Vidar’s true living heroes. Recently, however, Barnabas has shut himself away, and she cannot understand it. She believes falsely that Barnabas is similar to her, in a desire to roll up his sleeves and get the job done, when in fact Barnabas will not fight when he believes it useless. Dorottya cannot see that in him. What she doesn’t realize is that in demanding so much of Vidar, she’s missing the opportunity to work with her neighbors and solve the problem.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Dorottya can give the player these quests:

Additionally, Dorottya participates in these quests:

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]

Dorottya can give the player the following rewards: