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list Elek is the town alchemist in Vidar.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Elek is one of the older residents of Vidar at about 50 years old. He has never been married, never had children, and truly never expressed an interest in either. He is the town alchemist and a man purely dedicated to his craft. His intense academic pursuits, coupled with a rather extreme introversion, has led many in town to refer to him as a nutty professor where the title is not entirely applicable. He’s socially aware, and is actively trying to stop the Beast. He’s just doing it the only way he knows how - through study and crafting potions.

Elek is originally from Vidar. He left for university studies and came back shortly after graduation to take care of his ailing mother. He set up shop back home, and he has made a tidy living for himself mixing basics to keep the city going. However, before the start of the game, Elek's shop caves in from the heavy snow. He has since moved to Cecilia's House and re-established his lab and a very small storefront.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Elek regularly sells cure-alls and medicinal herbs to Gusztav, the doctor. He also supplies Tamas the chef with all manner of edible products, from spice to food-preserving balms. He also works closely with Dorottya as he occasionally has need of workshop. While Tamas and Gusztav would consider Elek a distant acquaintance at best, Elek believes them (accurately) to be his closest friends. The distance suits him - Elek is not one to actively pursue social relationships.

For this reason, his current arrangement with Cecilia is perfect. As she keeps to herself and grieves the loss of her parents, Elek has been left to run his own experiments and "do his own thing." When Dani occasionally visits Cecilia, Elek finds her high energy distracting and exhausting.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Elek can give the player these quests:

Additionally, Elek participates in these quests:

Tools/Rewards[edit | edit source]

Elek can give the player the following rewards: