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listErik is one of only two children alive at the beginning of the game. He is also the only non-villager NPC that can be found in town at the start of the game. Erik is Sandor's son.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Erik is the subject of two possible quests, both of which are received from Sandor.

The Second Son

At the beginning of the game, Erik runs into the cave, and Sandor asks the player for assistance finding him. This automatically triggers the quest "The Second Son." The player has two days to find Erik in the cave, after which time the quest is no longer available.

Erik can be found in a side-area of the Ice Cave in either the first or second room from the entrance. Regardless of whether the quest is completed, Erik will die at the end.

Ghost in the Mirror

listIf Borbalo is dead when The Second Son is returned, it is possible to later receive the quest "Ghost in the Mirror" from Sandor. The player will bring Sandor to The Tide, a side area of the Water Cave. The quest will require the player to bring Sandor face to face with Erik's ghost.

Significant plot details end here.