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list Etel is the last remaining city watchman, and a coward.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Etel is the last remaining city guardsman in Vidar, the rest having been killed trying to stop the Beast. He is in his late-30s. Etel was always a frightened child, and so his decision to join the guard was a surprise to most in town.

Twenty years ago, when Barnabas successfully led the town in a defense against two warring armies, a group of upstarts decided to continue their guard duties and officially formed the City Guard. Etel was not originally a member (and Barnabas never joined), but almost immediately after the war was over Etel signed up. In part to be with his friends, in part because he thought that Barnabas was the coolest guy that ever existed, and in part because he realized he needed to man up.

Twenty years of the City Guard have not had the desired effect on Etel. While the Guard has seen absolutely no action in that time, Etel’s rotation on guard duty was marked by alarms at every twisting shadow. No one is more upset with Etel than Etel, and this self-loathing has expressed itself perversely, particularly now that he’s the only one charged with defending the city. Etel has become almost pathalogically ignorant of the Beast, choosing instead to try to deal with non-threats to Vidar like harmless imps, or wolves which seem to keep to their den.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Barnabas and Arpad[edit | edit source]

Etel holds Barnabas and, to a lesser extent, Arpad in high regard. These two soldiers arrived in Vidar at just the right moment. They were heroes to the town when they were needed most, and Etel has aspired to be like Barnabas ever since. If Barnabas dies before Etel is able to realize his potential, it will send Etel into a spiral of depression and alcoholism.

Dorottya[edit | edit source]

Although slightly older than Dorottya, the relationship between Etel and Dorottya mirrors a younger brother with his older sister. From Etel's perspective, Dorottya is constantly chiding Etel despite his best efforts to live up to her standards. Depending on circumstances in town, it is possible for this relationship to either show Etel how to be a better man, or for his anger at her to spill over in a much uglier fashion.

The Water Worshippers[edit | edit source]

Etel is extremely mistrustful of Piri, Rebeka, and Janika. He considers himself a religious man dedicated to the Gods, and perceives those in town who worship the Water Spirit as potential threats. If this paranoia is not kept in check, Etel will begin to place blame for Vidar's problems on these three women.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Etel can give the player these quests:

Additionally, Etel participates in these quests:

Tools/Rewards[edit | edit source]

Etel can give the player the following rewards: