Faith in the Dead

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Faith in the Dead
Preceded By:
The Second Son
Ice Cave Waypoint

"Faith in the Dead" is a quest given to the player by Borbalo. It is completed primarily in the Ice Cave.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

The following conditions must be met for Borbalo to give the player this quest:

If Borbalo is at the Workshop on completion of The Second Son, Borbalo will automatically give the player this quest. Otherwise, the player will need to speak with Borbalo at the Church.

Completing the Quest[edit | edit source]

Borbalo will give the player a vial of holy water. The player must visit each of the four graves in the Ice Cave and use the holy water on those graves. Additionally, the player must use the holy water at the location where the entrance to Erik's Cave spawned.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Borbalo will open the Ice Cave Waypoint in the back room of the Church for the player. Additionally, if Borbalo was not at the Church, this will return him there.