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list Gusztav is Vidar's doctor, and Robert's father.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Gusztav is an overworked, perennially stressed doctor in his late 40s. He has a brilliant mind, and is arguably Vidar’s most intelligent living resident at the start of the game. His wife, a teacher, was killed by the Beast when it first arrived. Using his workload as a shield, Gusztav has not since had the opportunity to process his emotions about her death. His son, Robert, is still alive.

Historically, Gusztav has worn his anxiety and exhaustion as a badge of honor, and he feels that his work gives him purpose. To that end, Gusztav continues to care for a few sick villagers at the beginning of the game, even with dwindling supplies. He looks to his son for help, but Robert is both unable and unwilling to be Vidar’s doctor at the time the Stranger arrives.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Gusztav's relationship with Robert, while never strained, was never particularly close. Robert was much closer to - and much more similar to - his mother. While Robert and Gusztav love each other unquestionably, their personalities are strikingly different. Now that they have lost the woman who held their family together, Gusztav is trying to learn how to be a better father to Robert. Realizing that Gusztav himself could be killed at any moment, Gusztav wants to prepare Robert to take over as Vidar's doctor. Robert is unwilling to do so, and this has caused further strain in their relationship.

Gusztav is friends with Mihaly, and has spent years trying to determine the origin of Mihaly’s condition. The two do not often see eye to eye; in fact, Mihaly has on several occasions told Gusztav not to waste medicine on nursing people back to health only for them to die at the hands of the Beast. Gusztav’s response is that he’s helping from a place of compassion, which is not the entire truth; he’s doing it because it’s how he derives his self-worth and self-importance.

Gusztav is also close with Elek, as he receives supplies from the alchemist.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Gusztav can give the player the following quests:

Additionally, Gusztav participates in the following quests:

Patients[edit | edit source]

Gusztav does not provide item rewards to the player. However, at the start of the game Gusztav is taking care of three patients. Every night, there is a chance (determined by how many of Gusztav's quests have been completed) that each patient may die. This is determined before the Beast kills a random citizen. So long as there is a patient alive, the Beast may instead kill a patient. In effect, Gusztav has the maximum possibility of offering three No One Dies Tonight rewards.