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Katarina is a tinkerer and the blacksmith's apprentice.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Katarina grew up in Vidar, the daughter of a middle class merchant family that did well enough. She had absolutely no interest in the trade, forming the belief that all middlemen were just creating inefficiencies in the market. Instead, even as a kid she could often be found hanging out at Dorottya’s father’s smith. For much of her childhood, Katarina idolized Dorottya. She was inspired by Dorottya’s can-do attitude, and determined to apply it to her own life.

As soon as she was old enough to swing a hammer, Dorottya recruited Katarina to apprentice at the workshop. Katarina has since often been responsible for designing new mechanisms. Katarina has created new holders for the street lamps that increase the glow while using less oil, and rebuilt the back wall of the church to be more structurally secure than anyone in Vidar had been familiar with prior. But by far her favorite thing to do is make tools for Dorottya to use - better hammers, tougher nails, because she loves seeing Dorottya use them.

Katarina’s parents died three weeks before the start of the game. She was already spending nearly every hour at the workshop. She has since taken the few remaining personal possessions from her parents’ place and brought them to Dorottya’s. She is now trying to adopt another of Dorottya’s personality traits - her stoic response to tragedy. Katarina is not having as much success as her adopted older sister.

Katarina was friends with Cecilia growing up, and as a child even had something of a crush on Robert. That’s long since passed, and she has thrown herself into her work. As often as she found herself hanging out at the workshop, Katarina has a fascination with Sandor’s clockwork. To that end, she herself (unwittingly) became a role model for Sandor’s son, Erik.

Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Katarina can inherit the role of blacksmith from Dorottya.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Katarina can give the player these quests:

Katarina can participate in the following quests:

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]