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The pocketwatch is a quest reward which allows the player to see how much time they have left in a day. While it shows up in the player's inventory, it does not require any activation.

Getting the Pocketwatch[edit | edit source]

From The Second Son[edit | edit source]

The pocketwatch is first available from the quest "The Second Son." To obtain it, the player must successfully navigate Erik to the end of the puzzle. After doing so, the player must return to Sandor to complete the quest. When the quest is turned in to Sandor, the quest will be completed. After leaving the workshop, either Sandor or Borbalo will chase the player down and deliver the pocketwatch.

From Family Time[edit | edit source]

The only other method to obtain the pocketwatch is as a reward from the quest "Family Time". If the player does not already have the pocketwatch and either Dorottya or Katarina is alive and at the workshop at the time the quest is completed, Cecilia will give the player instructions to visit one of the women at the workshop. After waiting a day, the player can return and receive the pocketwatch.