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Rozsa is Vidar's innkeeper.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Rozsa is the Innkeeper and self-appointed caregiver for Vidar. She is in her mid-30s, and although not from Vidar, she arrived with Barnabas, Arpad, Adjoran, and her father Branka when she was only 6 years old. When she thinks of home, she thinks of Vidar.

After the war, Branka built the first inn in Vidar - the town had not had any visitors in a while, but Branka made a gamble now that trade had recovered and there was the need to house homeless soldiers. The gamble did not pay off, and the inn barely turned a profit for over 15 years. Branka was ready to give up, but Rozsa took over running the inn. It had been doing better before the snowstorm blocked traffic to and from Vidar.

Rozsa is constantly fussing with things - adjusting people’s hair, polishing the mirrors, making sure everything is in its proper place. This is true even if the mirrors are cheap and there aren’t very many items to store - for Rozsa, presentation is about respect. That being said, she’s gregarious, often smiling even in the face of adversity, and always motherly.

Rozsa continues to house anyone who needs it. Dani, Mihaly, and Tamas all start the game at the inn; Rozsa is not charging for lodging until the Beast is killed.

Bernadett does not think highly of Rozsa, as she believes part of the problem with Vidar is it’s welcoming of too many new people.

Rozsa’s most dynamic relationship is with Arpad. Before coming to Vidar, Arpad was kind of a big brother to Rozsa; losing his friend Adjoran took a toll on Arpad and he has become more unsure of himself. It is possible for Arpad to help Rozsa with upkeep at the inn, repairing the strained relationship between Rozsa and Arpad.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Rozsa gives the player the following quests:

Additionall, Rozsa participates in the following quests:

Rozsa's Funeral[edit | edit source]

If all possible inn guests are at the inn before Rozsa dies, the Town Event Rozsa's Funeral will start the morning after Rozsa is killed.

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]

Rozsa can give the player the following rewards: