Rozsa's Funeral

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Rozsa's Funeral is a Town Event in which the remaining villagers in Vidar mourn Rozsa's death.

Conditions[edit | edit source]

This event is only triggered if the following people are alive and at the inn the night that Rozsa dies:

Assuming these conditions are met, the event will trigger the morning after Rozsa dies.

Core Event[edit | edit source]

Once the player wakes up to start a new day, they will find the entire inn empty. Leaving the inn will trigger a cutscene among the nine inn guests. Those nine villagers will remain outside for the remainder of the day, holding a candlelight vigil to honor Rozsa.

The player can speak with the remaining villagers to recruit them to the vigil. It is possible to get six additional townsfolk to attend. When the player attempts to enter the cave to start the day, Tamas will approach the player and give the player their reward.

Regardless of the outcome, no one participating in the vigil can die the night after this event.

Recruiting Townsfolk[edit | edit source]

The following villagers can be convinced to attend the vigil:

  • Arpad, only if the quest "Uncle Arpad" hasn't failed. Speak to him and he will participate without convincing.
  • Barnabas, only if Arpad is already attending. This is one of the few ways to speak with Barnabas before day 20. Knock on his door and complete the conversation. Speak with Arpad, and he will accompany the player back to Barnabas's house. Barnabas will then join the others outside.
  • Borbalo, only if the quest "Faith in the Dead" has been completed.
  • Elek, with no conditions.
  • Lilja, only if the quest "Not A Thief" has not been completed successfully.
  • Sandor, only if "The Second Son" has been completed successfully.

It should be noted that, because Tomi must be at the inn for the event to trigger, Csaba and Groa must be dead or unavailable for the event to trigger. Because Cecilia must be at the inn for the event to trigger, Gusztav, Robert, and Piri must be dead for the event to trigger.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The player's reward is based on how many villagers attend.

  • If only the original eight inn guests attend, the player receives a bright flower.
  • If nine to eleven villagers attend, the player receives a Permanent Extra Minute.
  • If twelve to fourteen villagers attend, the player receives two Permanent Extra Minutes.
  • If all fifteen villagers attend, No One Dies Tonight.