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list Szabina is a scholar from a nearby university who has come to Vidar to study its historic artifacts.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Szabina is a late 20s student studying at a university in Ridon, who has come to Vidar to study the ancient ruins of the capital city which once stood there. She arrived to do field work months before the start of the game. While she has started to make friends in Vidar, she has done so always with the understanding that she would be returning to Ridon after the winter. As a result, all of her relationships are at arm's length. She respects Elek, Lilja, and Mihaly as those with more "worldly" knowledge than the rest of an otherwise rural town.

Szabina has many characteristic of the “absent-minded professor,” eschewing any concern over her appearance in favor of working harder. In this way, she often has conflict with Dani. She is also a bit arrogant, often assuming that everyone around her is there to take direction from her, and will attempt to use most villagers - including the Stranger - to help aid her studies.

As soon as Vidar began experiencing Beast problems, Szabina turned her research to trying to understand the Beast’s origins. However, this is not her typical field of study, and so she is playing “catch-up” at the beginning of the game.

Lilja[edit | edit source]

Szabina's found that the only person she can truly have a conversation with is Lilja, someone else who has seen several metropolitan areas and who Szabina considers above the banality of Vidar. Szabina is also encouraged by Lilja's treasure hunting, as she hopes that Lilja will acquire some relics for Szabina to study. The relationship is entirely one-sided; Lilja finds Szabina's academic prattling extremely tedious, but Szabina is too socially unaware to see it.

Investigation[edit | edit source]

Unlike the other villagers, Szabina's quests all follow the same pattern. The player is asked to complete a task in the cave, and then on returning to Szabina, asked to talk to up to three villagers in town concerning the task. Reporting these other discussions to Szabina adds points to her research into the origins of the beast. At ten points or higher, Szabina will have enough information to pinpoint the location of the Beast. With Szabina's help, the player can skip most of the Boulder Cave puzzles and head straight to the Final Confrontation.

Inheritance[edit | edit source]

Szabina's quests can be inherited by either Dani or Cecilia. Depending on how many points Szabina accumulated in her investigation, the villager who inherits Szabina's role will review her notes and offer additional quests.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Szabina will give the player the following quests in order, each depending on the prior's completion:

Tools / Rewards[edit | edit source]

Szabina can give the player the following rewards: