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list Tamas is the chef at Vidar's inn.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Tamas is in his late 30s, having grown up with Dorottya, Etel, Sandor, Groa, and Csaba in Vidar. Tamas is not particularly close to anyone from his childhood but Csaba and Groa, and believes (mistakenly) that their son Tomi was named after him. Having grown up relatively poor (like his friends) but having managed for the most part to escape that poverty, Tamas has adopted a relatively conservative attitude. He believes in pulling yourself out of your own misfortune, and that hard work can trump anything. His world view is in many ways similar to Dorottya's, but Tamas is not a strong, silent type.

Tamas is often described as having an "off" personality. Tamas is not callous or antagonistic, and indeed his nature is improved when he is able to create some semblance of order for his neighbors. But, Tamas is frequently unaware of the correct social interaction, and so is often treated with undeserved hostility or avoidance.

The arrival of the storm which has trapped Vidar - in particular the lack of supplies and malnourishment in Vidar - has Tamas on edge. Additionally, the seemingly random nature of the Beast, which kills with no regard to a person's effort or station in life, has added to Tamas' stress.

When Dani arrives in Vidar, Tamas immediately butts heads with this wasteful, flippant attitude; had Dani arrived at a time when Tamas was in good spirits, their relationship would likely have started differently. Now that they have settled into their friendship, the two have become an odd couple that fortifies the other; if Dani dies, Tamas' negative personality traits will likely spiral out of control.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Tamas can give the player the following quests:

In addition, Tamas participates in the following quests:

Tools/Rewards[edit | edit source]

In addition, after completing "To Feed a Village", Tamas will exchange one fish for one loaf of bread every day, so long as he is alive.