Vidar Shuffle

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"Vidar Shuffle" is a Town Event which lasts for up to 6 in-game days. It is triggered at the completion of the quest "Blast!"

Progression[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the event, the player will wake up to tremors in Vidar. All villagers will comment on the tremors only once; their comments do not prohibit the completion or receipt of any quests.

Every morning during the event, there will be additional tremors in town. Additionally, 3 things can occur in the course of the event.

  • On day 2 of the event, if the event is still in progress, it is possible for either "Loose Change" or "My Books!" can trigger, assuming the other conditions are met. Both cannot be active simultaneously.
  • On day 4 of the event, Csaba and Groa's House collapses. Villagers inside will move to other locations accordingly.
  • On day 6 of the event, a hole will open up in the inn and one villager at the inn will be dropped into the cave. The quest "Wolves Among Us" will become active.

After day 6, regardless of what has happened, the event will end.

I Feel The Earth. Move.[edit | edit source]

Once the event has begun, Dorottya will be the only villager locked-down, and she will remain so until the event is over. On leaving the inn the player will automatically speak to Dorottya if she is alive, and will receive the quest "I Feel The Earth. Move." Completing the quest will end the event immediately, and will avoid any further quests to be triggered by the events. Quests activated but incomplete will remain active (e.g. if "Loose Change" is activated on day 2, and "Vidar Shuffle" is ended day 3, then "Loose Change" will still be available for the player to complete).